Cirque Le Soir

Since its red-hot inception in 2009, Cirque Le Soir London has perfected the immersive experience for party goers internationally, and now they are setting the world of events on fire! From corporate and private events within the venue to hosting the Cirque experience in other event spaces – they can bring you a Cirque party wherever you are.

From cocktails and canapés to a plethora of performers, you can experience world class entertainment. Interactive Window Boxes where guests can get a “haircut from hell” or lip-sync along with one of their fabulous drag queens, their acts can be as outrageous or as innocent as your event needs them to be. For a bit of light relief from the action, the Funfair area has interactive games and performers to entertain your guests. From Peepshows to make up artists, photo booth and beer pong, they have popcorn and candyfloss and Zoltar, their local fortune teller. The Funfair area is the perfect place to take a breather from the main stages and action, have a laugh, play some beer pong or a few arcade games before getting back to the party.

Go down and join the circus!