Buddha Bar

A harmonizing flurry of Pan Asian delicacies and exotic ingredients all-encompassing tantalising flavours and stylistic flare are just some of the key elements that can be found at Buddha-Bar Restaurant London. Staying true to the real essence of Buddha-Bar Restaurant London, Chef Heri Fitriyanto vision is to infuse dishes from The Buddha bar heritage, whilst remaining sympathetic to dishes that are specific to the capital.

Buddha-Bar has long enjoyed a reputation for avant-garde cocktails, and the list here continues that tradition, with many created using home made syrups and infusions.

With numerous nominations and accolades under its belt, the Knightsbridge location brings an added allure to the vicinity as it continues to attract the affluent but, sports personalities, musicians, actors and culinary maestros such as Raymond Blanc.

The interiors contemporary feel, excels and breaths a beauty that Buddha-Bar restaurants have become renowned for. These exploits have been thoughtfully mastered with floor to ceiling crystallized dragons, and London’s interpretation of the signature Buddha made from a single sheet of metal, levitating over diners on the ground floor this is embraced with 203 bronze Buddha figures overlooking the main first floor restaurant also.