Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant

Bill & Coo’s gourmet restaurant radiates the warm and friendly service of the elite boutique hotel promising a unique dining experience in Mykonos.

Evenings at Bill & Coo honeymoon hotel in Mykonos insist guests devour the stunning sunset of Mykonos while relishing delicious exotic cocktails by the pool accompanied by melodic tunes
that create an ideal ambiance for entertainment and relaxation in Mykonos. Exquisite Mediterranean dishes of seafood and meat, prepared by the multi-awarded chef Kostakos Athinagoras are served at the alfresco gourmet restaurant with the breath-taking sea view as its elegant background.

The talented and distinguished Chef Athinagoras Kostakos has created a Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu of the freshest ingredients, based on the seasonal and biological products the waters and land Mykonos Island has to offer.

Eager to explore and share different cuisine origins and styles, Chef Athinagoras Kostakos has transformed dining into a shared art through hosting frequent gastronomy events throughout the season.

The Gastronomy Project events hosted by Athinagoras at Bill & Coo are definitely one of the top ‘Not to Miss’ when visiting Mykonos.